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India’s Largest Food
organized integrated
food supply chain and distribution company

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Creating value in your supply chain

ColdEX provides end-to-end Food Fulfilment solutions to FMCG and Food Services industries.

Multi-Temp Reefer Trucks & Warehouses

Our multi-temp reefer trucks & warehouses are perfect to handle your products in the range of of + 25°C to -18°C.

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7000+ Drops

With 7000+ drops per day, ColdEX ensures your products are delivered on time and in prime condition.

we are

We are India's largest organized and integrated food supply chain and distribution company. Our integrated offerings, surface logistics and warehousing infrastructure, pan-India distribution network, and modern technology systems strengthen our competitive market position. We cater to a wide range of industry sectors and business segments which include food service market, FMCG, confectionary, dairy, retail, etc.

  • 210+ Cities

    Serving in 210+ cities, ColdEX is poised to offer a comprehensive range of services to your business at every possible corner in India.

  • 340+ Permanent Employees

    We have a pool of skilled and experienced personnel. We also contract personnel as well as hire part-time employees and temporary staff to meet our seasonal and specific project needs. In totality, we have engaged a total workforce of 346 permanent employees.

  • 4+ Distribution

    Our 5 temperature-controlled warehouses located at Kundli I, Navi Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Kundli-II can accommodate more than 7,000 pallets.

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Pan-India integrated temperature-controlled logistics services

We are one of the few companies engaged in integrated temperature-controlled food supply chain and distribution. The locations of our facilities and delivery network enables us to provide our clients with access to multiple destinations for booking and delivery of goods across India. Our fully integrated operations enable us to maintain the temperature integrity of our clients’ products from the point of origin to the consumption point, which is critical for ensuring product quality.

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Supply Chain

ColdEX offers world-class expertise in analyzing and optimizing the entire supply chain, from origin to delivery which can drive revenue growth and reduce logistics expenses for your business.

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Our Happy Customers

ColdEX provides end-to-end Food Fulfilment solutions to FMCG and Food Services industries, where quality and food safety is paramount. Our customers confide in our work as they know customer first is our DNA

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