Integrated Distribution

Integrated supply chain and distribution solutions

Our integrated supply chain and distribution solutions provide a superior value proposition for multinational companies compared to traditional logistics companies.

Set out below is a graphical representation of our integrated, end-to-end solutions.

We are one of the few companies engaged in integrated temperature-controlled food supply chain and distribution, as per the CARE Report. An integrated business model is when the vendor provides transportation and distribution, warehousing and value-added services all bundled into a single contract.  The integrated model can be done with the service provider “owning” the inventory on behalf of the client or without inventory ownership. We work under both business models with various QSRs depending on their business philosophies and practices.

In an integrated model, following are the main elements of the logistics chain:
Long haul movements (from manufacturing plant to distribution centres)
Warehousing (Multi – temp Storage); and
Last mile (city transportation movements from distribution centres to outlets).
Value added service

Since the entire supply chain and distribution is managed by our Group, nearly all the operational people are hired by us to provide value added services on a dedicated basis. These services include:

Demand Forecasting
Material Resource Planning
Quality-checking, un-packaging, kit-building, re-packaging, labeling, promotional bundling and assembling goods, products or materials
Route planning, reorder level, managing invoices, account payables & providing management information systems to clients
Dedicated accounts team for payable & receivable management
Vendor management, sales order processing & inventory management
Consultancy services such as control tower planning (fleet management), optimisation of vehicles with return loads, optimum inventory management etc.

We are the national distribution partner for one of the large QSRs managing all aspects of their supply chain including transportation, warehousing, vendor management, procurement, and inventory management.