Simplifying Supply Chain Sourcing

Eliminate guesswork from
the sourcing process

In today’s environment organizations are increasingly being called upon to manage their supply chain sourcing as well as deliver double digit cost reductions. It takes a great deal of expertise to realize cost savings while managing supply chains and maintaining costs as well as optimal inventory levels throughout their networks.

Improve cost savings & operational efficiencies with ColdEX

Persistent challenges of invisibility and uncertainty of reliable data about trading partners and suppliers’ pricing and contracts make it extremely complex for companies to manage their supply chain while also maintaining costs and optimal inventory levels. ColdEX can help you gain a single version of truth so that you can make informed decisions across your entire supply chain sourcing and procurement process. Benefits that you can realize with ColdEX supply chain sourcing;


Network Collaboration

Drive collaboration across supplier networks ensuring greater transparency and confident decision-making.


Risk Mitigation

Reduce risks with improved supplier, contract, and compliance.


Avoid Delays

Lessen any delays in processes. Mitigate any late shipments from vendors and logistical errors in distribution channels.


Improved Efficiency

Effectively maintain a sustainable supply chain management system.

Re-Imagine sourcing with ColdEX

Change the way you manage and coordinate with your suppliers with a revolutionary approach and process automation.

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