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Supply Chain Management
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With supply chains becoming more complex compounded by fast changing markets and increasing customer expectations, it becomes critical to improve supply chain performance through the organization. To assist QSRs and other food businesses to improve top-line growth and streamline their supply chain operations, ColdEX delivers specific supply chain solutions which bring the greatest impact and real ROI for your business.

ColdEX understands that when your supply chain is working smarter, you require no guesswork as about organizing the activities to get the right product, deliver on-time, in quality, to the right place and at the best cost to the customer. This saves time and helps you forecast better with high accuracy and avoid overstocking or shortages in supply.

  • Sustainable fulfilment
  • Drive collaboration across supplier networks
  • 750+ reefer trucks ensuring 99% fulfillment rate
  • 6 multi-user distribution centres ( DCs)
  • Lower logistics costs through shared asset allocation
  • BRC, ISO 22000, SedEX Certified

Our Supply Chain Services

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Demand planning is core to a better fill rate and a sustainable business, and visibility associated with it gives you the power to make your business smart .

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Optimizing and transforming the most complex global supply chains of leading brands for decades in generic to ColdEX.

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Strategically source products while tracking progress and maintain costs throughout the supply chain networks. For this you can rely on ColdEX.

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Data Management

Ensure supply chain data quality and get actionable insights the time you need anytime and anywhere. ColdEX BI dashboards are second to none .

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