19 years of experience in surface logistics operations

We have more than 800 reefer trucks including 594 owned reefer trucks (operated by us or our franchisee partners). We own vehicles for long-haul primary distribution as well as for secondary distribution.

The vehicles are designed with the flexibility to

  • Operate in ambient, chilled or frozen temperature models
  • Can also run as multi-temperature vehicles
  • Maintain a temperature-controlled environment
  • Ensure proper handling of perishable products throughout the transportation process
  • Equipped with insulated doors with inner and outer seals and a secure door locking system to maintain internal temperature
  • The container body floors of our reefer fleets are fitted with gratings to improve the efficacy of return air evaporation and the uniform circulation of air.

Further, our WMS is integrated with customers’ enterprise resource planning systems to allow real-time integration. We track our reefer fleets movements through a dedicated control center on a 24×7 basis.

The control center is responsible for tracking the vehicle using its GPS coordinates and to monitor the temperature in the case of temperature-controlled shipments. In case of any breaches of protocol or alarms in the system, the operator will contact the driver immediately. The control center also publishes reports daily on transit status, loading / unloading status, vehicle detention, deep maintenance, driver information, advance placement etc. This center also provides online support to clients to monitor their shipments, and to undertake advanced planning for storage, secondary shipments etc.