Information Technology

Quality control and supply chain traceability

Recognising that quality control and supply chain traceability is a matter of focus for producers, suppliers, consumers and the government, we have invested in technology and processes throughout our business such as

(i) GPS-enabled fleets that provide real-time visibility of location and temperature compliance.

(ii) a warehouse management system to track, process and manage inventory,

(iii) integration with customers’ systems for automated inventory replenishment,

(iv) flexible reefer fleet and warehouse designs to allow optimization as per our customer’s requirements and  

(v) 24×7 control room staffed with trained customer service agents; which has enabled us with traceability of products and the conditions under which such products are transported and stored.

We believe that our technological capabilities play a key role in helping us effectively manage our pan-India operations, maintain operational and fiscal controls, and support our efforts to enhance client service levels. We intend to continue to acquire technology systems to increase asset productivity, improve operating efficiencies, and strengthen our competitive position.

We will continue to automate major processes in our business to improve process efficiency, reduce costs, and offer a differentiated value proposition to our clients. We source these technologies from third party vendors for new clients.