Warehousing Business

"Asset-light" warehousing model

After establishing our credentials in the temperature-controlled transportation business, we opened our first modern built-to-suit (i.e. leased but dedicated) warehouse in January 2014 in Kundli (Delhi NCR). Adding dedicated warehousing capabilities in a nationwide network enabled us to provide fully integrated solutions to our customers.

Our warehousing solutions cover the complete spectrum of temperature ranges from ambient to chilled and frozen. In addition, we are one of the few service providers with blast freezing capabilities. Blast freezing enables us to reduce the temperature of certain products such as poultry and meat, received in our temperature-controlled warehouse quickly, by subjecting it to -40ºC. Our temperature-controlled warehouses are equipped to manage temperatures from -18 ºC to +25 ºC) with our Kundli I warehousing facility offering blast freezing capabilities as well.

All our temperature-controlled warehouses adhere to strict standards on food safety and hygiene. Our temperature-controlled warehouses are operated under process control systems which help maintain a pre-determined temperature for different products and provide for ERP based inventory management system.

The salient features of our most temperature-controlled warehouses include:

  • Multi-facility environment friendly refrigerant – R717 (Ammonia);
  • Multi-chamber, multi temperature warehouse to accommodate various products such as dairy products including cheese and butter, confectionaries including chocolates and other frozen food items;
  • Modern Pallet racking;
  • High reach trucks and modern product handling equipment;
  • Rooms designed to accommodate products in temperature range of -40 to +25 ºC;
  • Adequately illuminated warehouses with special subzero light fittings;
  • Complete power backup with multiple generators;
  • Uninterrupted, skilled and committed manpower to deal with large set of SKUs from order receiving to dispatch;
  • Training and quality interventions to ensure round the year compliance and service levels;
  • BRC and FSSA (Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006) certified.

We store our products in pallets that are capable of enduring weights of up to 1 tonne (i.e. 1,000 kg). The G+5 (i.e. ground + 5 levels) racking and pallet system employed by us increases our storage capacity and enables stacking of products. The storing and unloading is done by using forklifts.

Our Kundli-I warehouse has 6 temperature-controlled and 1 dry/ambient docks and capacity for storing approximately 3,500 pallets (each approximately 4m) in different temperature conditions. In addition, we lease space in 4 other warehouses: Kundli-II, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad for a total of more than 3,500 pallets.

In addition, we have entered into a long-term lease agreement for a new built-to-suit warehouse in Bengaluru having a total capacity of 5,000 pallets. The new warehouse in Bangalore is under construction and is estimated to be operational soon.