Real-Time Planning in Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Planning
made easy with ColdEX

In today's volatile and increasingly dynamic global business environment, consumers expect more variety, personalization and greater convenience. To capitalize on this, supply chain planning processes must be flexible, data-driven and responsive to changing conditions. With years of experience working with leading brands, ColdEX can help organizations transform their supply chain capabilities.

No more Guesswork with
Supply Chain Planning

ColdEX’s supply chain planning solutions help businesses gain alignment across internal business functions and with external trading partners. We understand that when your marketing and supply chain are working collaboratively, you can eliminate the guesswork involved in delivering the right product, on-time, and at the best price to the customer, while saving your time and money for core business activities. Our planning analysts can help you:

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Accurate Forecast

Forecast better with high accuracy and avoid overstocking or shortages in supply.

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Inventory Planning

Provide a clear picture of inventory so that you can streamline new product launches and limited time offers

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Reduce Costs

Solve complex problems altogether and reduce TCO ( total cost of Ownership ) with accurate and on-time demand predictions.

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Manage Disruptions

Effortlessly manage supply chain disruptions or manage the changing customer behavior with accurate supply chain planning.

Drive Profitability & Make Confident Decision-Making

ColdEX provides a complete range of solutions for supply and demand planning. Whether you want us to manage your single or entire supply chain, we have the expertise to manage your requirements in the following situations:


Event-based planning

To have a consolidated one view of demand. Ensure supply for limited time offers (LTOs) and item introductions


DC-level Planning

This is carried out for weekly demand and supply chain planning for all items


Restaurant-level planning

Simplify Your Restaurant Forecasting and Planning


Sales & Operations planning

Fully integrated from restaurant to supplier

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

As your supply chain evolves in response to evolving demands and business objectives, so must your supply chain visibility. Gaining end-to-end supply chain visibility holds great strategic importance. It brings about higher order fulfillment rates, improved customer service levels and higher profitability. Hence, end-to-end supply chain visibility is the goal for all leading companies. ColdEX provides a single view into the state of your inventory which helps to give meaningful insights. Our team will work with you to ensure the information you need is presented in the meaningful context so you can make smarter business decisions faster and transform the way you serve your customers.