Temperature controlled warehousing facilities across India

Warehousing Experts

Have a peace of mind knowing your product is stored safely in the temperature controlled warehouses. Our warehousing experts strategically store and handle all sorts of products whether they are highly perishable, delicate or fragile such as yogurt, salad, bread and baked goods in perfect conditions for customers across India.

We manage warehouses across major metros and render value-added services such as packing, knitting etc. We have warehouses in Kundli (Delhi -NCR), Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad Chennai and Kolkata .

We Handle Your Food Seriously

Our warehousing experts ensure the integrity of time and temperature-sensitive products. We provide premier handling of “fresh,” “chilled,” and “frozen” commodities, so your goods can arrive in perfect condition to the specified destination.

  • Ensure Food Safety
  • Achieve HACCP Quality
  • Cold Chain Protection
  • Environment-Friendly
  • An extra layer of protection
  • Optimized distribution center management

Ensure Food Safety

We never compromise when it comes to food safety and quality. Our experts monitor the temperature and humidity settings and meet the highest food safety standards.

Achieve HACCP Quality

Adhere to strict quality standards and processes while storing and handling your products

Cold Chain Protection

Safeguard your products in dedicated temperature zones and ensure perfect climate condition is maintained in the cold chain.

Environment Friendly

We have a known reputation in the industry for using environmentally friendly ways to store and handle your products.

An extra layer of protection

An extra layer of protection is built which is a brick wall in addition to insulated panels. Thus we offer improved durability and power efficiency to our customers.

Optimized distribution center management

We use the latest technology comprising CCTV, security systems and temperature monitoring system. We also use warehouse management system to optimize distribution center management.

We Use Advanced Refrigeration and
Deep-Freeze Technology

By laying major focus on food safety and environmental excellence, we ensure our customers’ goods are handled optimally for delivery at the right place at the right time. You will work with experienced professionals each step of the way, with blast freeze and eutectic ,we ensure you will not go wrong with your Cold Chain.