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Creating value in your supply chain

ColdEX provides end-to-end Food Fulfilment solutions to FMCG and Food Services industries.

Multi-Temperature Vans

Our Multi-Temperature Vans are perfect to handle your products in the range of +25°C to -18°C.

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7000+ Drops

With 7000+ drops per day, ColdEX ensures your products are delivered on time and in prime condition.

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An undisputed leader in managing food supply chains, we aim to be the best at all we do— to increase reach, improve fill rate, reduce system inventory and thus enhance our customer loyalty. For this, we design, plan, source and deliver.

  • 215+ Cities

    Serving in 215+ cities, ColdEX is poised to offer a comprehensive range of services to your business at every possible corner in India.

  • 2500+ People

    With a team of 2500+, you can rest assured that your products will be in safe hands right from your manufacturing locations to final delivery points.

  • 6+ Distribution

    With 6 modern and world-class distribution centers, we can ensure 99% fill rate in your channels.

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ColdEX’s track record of delivering near 100% fill rate for our clients speaks for itself. We can procure goods or manage suppliers from around the world on your behalf and transport, store and deliver your products on time.

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Supply Chain

ColdEX offers world-class expertise in analyzing and optimizing the entire supply chain, from origin to delivery which can drive revenue growth and reduce logistics expenses for your business.

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Our Happy Customers

ColdEX provides end-to-end Food Fulfilment solutions to FMCG and Food Services industries, where quality and food safety is paramount. Our customers confide in our work as they know customer first is our DNA

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